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  • contact : +91 9487371278 | email : | Reg Date: 05.01.2018 | Reg No: 36/2018




To start many prayer cells around our mission area.

To start Sunday classes and Bible counselling centers around our mission area.

To start women and men Fellowship centers to promote their Spiritual, Financial and Physical developments.

Special Personal Evangelism among drunkards, drugs addicts, marginalized, rejected parents and Orphan children.

Evangelism among intellectuals and business men and women to re-anchor their convictions.

Developing 24 × 7 Prayer band in our mission.

Providing compassion service to the poor and the rejected ones, [by giving food, accommodation, dress, medical, and shelter.]

Encouraging children’s for their Educational and Spiritual Knowledge on the Word of God.

To Plant Churches and appoint Pastors and Missionaries.

To train the People in mission work and the Bible teaching and establish seminars for teaching Bible for the men and women who have dedicated for the ministry of church planting.

To train and inculcate the people for Leadership quality, Evangelical and other ministerial work counseling, and developing the human resources based on Biblical concepts.

To organize retreats, conventions family camps etc., For the Proclamation social harmony of the Society.

To Provide and Promote quality literature, periodicals, Audio and Video materials of Christian values and ethics on Free of cost for the benefits of the public to enlighten spiritual, moral and secular values using modern media and to labor for spiritual awakening. .

To support poor girls for their marriage

To conduct free Funeral service for the poor and rejected people in the society.

To work for the revival or the churches in India to grow in the Fear and Grace OF Christ

To hold special meetings to Christians and to challenge them leading a victorious life and to preach the Gospel among unreached places. .

To establish and create Organizations and Formulate Programs For the enlightenment of Bible Verses. .

To involve in the Jail Ministry So as to Infuse hope about the Future and peace of mind which God alone can give in the lives of the prisoners and thus make them a responsive and law abiding citizen.

To utilize the Radio, Television, Internet, Website, Cellphone, Audio, Video System, Mobile Team Ministry, Film Ministry and other Ministries.

Lebanon Pentecostal Mission:

Reg Date: 05.01.2018
Reg No: 36/2018

MIssion Address

Door No: 8/23, Ampattaiyan Konam Colony, Arumanalloor Post, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, South India, Pin Code – 629853

Lebanon Faith Ministries:

Reg No: 1325/2008
(Reg Date: 15.10.2008)

Pastor Dr. C. Solomon was born in a small village known as Mukkadal at Kanyakumari
Dist in Tamil Nadu ... Read More

Phone: +91 9487371278
Landline: 04652 - 425746